FTDEX Finance


FTDEX is a decentralized exchange allowing trading without registration or owning any account. Start trading on FTDEX safely and easily with web3 wallets.

Opening a position

1: Click on "Long" or "Short" depending on which side you would like to open a leverage position on.
  • Long position
    • Earns a profit if the token's price goes up
    • Makes a loss if the token's price goes down
  • Short position
    • Earns a profit if the token's price goes down
    • Makes a loss if the token's price goes up
2: Select leverage. Leverage multiplies your potential profit or loss on the trade.
3: Enter a trade size. This is equal to margin × leverage. For example, a trade size of 30 ETH at 30× leverage will use 1 ETH in the actual balance (margin) from your wallet.


As long as your position is open, it will incur funding, which is charged hourly. The hourly funding rate appears on the confirmation screen prior to opening a position.
All P/L numbers shown in your dashboard are already inclusive of all funding charges.

Profit & Loss

Here, you opened a 3 ETH position at 2000. If the market rises by 1%, your P/L will equal:
3ETH×1%=0.03ETH3 ETH \times 1\% = 0.03 ETH
Conversely, if the market falls by 1%, your P/L will equal:
3ETH×1%=0.03ETH3 ETH \times -1\% = -0.03 ETH

Add margin

You can add margin to a position by placing an order in the same direction. The amount of margin you submit with your new order will be added to your existing position.This can be useful in scenarios where you want to avoid liquidation or lower your leverage.
You have a 50 ETH long on BTC-USD at 10× leverage (5 ETH margin).
You submit a 25 ETH long on BTC-USD at 5× leverage (5 ETH margin).
Your new position is 75 ETH long on BTC-USD with 10 ETH margin, e.g. 7.5× leverage. You've successfully added margin and reduced the leverage of your position.

Closing Positions

To close a position completely, click on the "Close" button
By selecting the “Max” button in the pop-up window. You will get a summary of your trade (deposit) and fees before confirming the transaction. To close the position partially, enter any amount below the maximum possible.
You can choose the currency in which you want your balance to be paid out when you close the position (Last section -> Receive)

Stop-Loss / Take-Profit Orders

You can also set stop-loss and take-profit orders by clicking on the "Close" button and selecting the "Trigger" tab.
After creating a trigger order, it will appear in your position's row as well as under the "Orders" tab, you can edit the order and change the trigger price if needed.
If you close a position manually, the associated trigger orders will remain open, you would need to cancel them manually if you do not want the order to be active when opening future positions.
Note that orders are not guaranteed to execute, this can occur in a few situations including but not exclusive to:
  • The mark price which is an aggregate of exchange prices did not reach the specified price
  • The specified price was reached but not long enough for it to be executed
  • No keeper picked up the order for execution
Additionally, trigger orders are market orders and are not guaranteed to execute at the trigger price.

Share Position

You have the option of being able to share any position.
Here is how it works:
  • Click on the 3 dots next to any position to open the 'Share Position' option
Next, click on 'Share Position' and you will see a graphic will pop up that shows you the details of any position:
Click on 'Copy' to copy the image or click on 'Download' to download the image.
You are also able to share any position on Social media. In order to do this, click on 'Tweet' to tweet any position.


If your loss exceeds -80% of the margin tied to the position, the position is liquidated.
You can choose to avoid liquidation by adding margin to your position.