FTDEX Finance


FTDEX Finance Roadmap

Q4 2022:

  • FTDEX Finance Testnet
  • FTDEX Finance Marketing Campaign

Q1 2023:

  • FTDEX Finance presale
  • FTDEX Finance token launch
  • FTDEX Finance Mainnet launch
  • Rebranding Phase of FTDEX Finance

Q2 2023:

  • Integration of Chainlink Price Feeds & Keepers
  • Partnerships
  • Re-vamp of the UX/UI
  • Integrations with partners
  • Introducing our Platform-own arbitrage bot to increase Volume and Fees

Q3 2023:

  • Extension of perpetual features (synthetics & forex).
  • Options trading implementation into FTDEX Finance.
  • A new dApp for FTDEX Finance to improve and support major developments.
  • Joint venture development of a blockchain infrastructure project.
  • Joint venture development for cross-chain leverage trading.

Q4 2024

  • FTDEX Finance Multi-chain Expansion