FTDEX Finance


Token Information

FTDex token address: TBA
After staking FTDex, you will receive staked FTDex: TBA
FTDex staked token address: TBA


Staked FTDex generates three reward types:
  • esFTD
  • Multiplier Points
  • ETH Rewards
30% of swap and leverage trading fees are converted to $ETH and distributed to the accounts staking FTDex.


The maximum supply of FTDex is 1,000,000,000. Minting beyond this maximum supply is controlled by a 28 day timelock, an eventuality that will only be considered if the demands of the protocol necesitate an increase of the supply.
Circulating supply changes are dictated by the number of tokens that are distributed through other DEXs, vested, burnt and spent on marketing.
FTDex allocations are:
  • 50 millions for developers and team ( TGE 2%, Cliff 1 year , vesting in 48 months)
  • 40 millions for CEX listing ( TGE 10%, vesting in 6 months)
  • 50 millions for Treasury
  • 90 millions for liquidity
  • 15 millions for airdrop
  • 645 millions for staking
  • 110 millions allocated to presale


FTDex token price at launch: TBA
USD Distribution:
  • 60% for Liquidity pool
  • 30% for Perivative pool
  • 10% for Marketing